Top 6 Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Adopt in 2021

Published on 12 January 2021 at 09:20

Digital marketing is constantly evolving and adapting to consumers' changing needs and preferences. In 2021, the global pandemic, social movements, and technological innovations have influenced how people interact with brands and businesses online.

COVID-19 has changed the way businesses operate. We have observed that several services have gone online in the new normal situation. In 2021, it is expected that employees will continue to work from home as the pandemic remains unabated.

Minute observations of customer responses during the pandemic have given us some insights into digital marketing strategies that may work wonders for your business in 2021.

This post will discuss six digital marketing strategies that may help attract clients and boost your business revenue in 2021. 


Top 6 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2021

Here are the top six digital marketing strategies that can help you attract new customers, retain existing customers, boost engagement, generate traffic, and increase revenue for your business.


1. Launch an engaging social media campaign

Everything has moved into the digital world during the pandemic. Customer research services, products, and brands online. If you want to retain your existing customers, then increase your social media budget in 2021. Develop a smart content plan and post it on social media platforms. Check and respond to customer responses. Promote your services and products on social media platforms with engaging content and attractive images to lure new customers.


2. Use interactive content

Consumers and not interested in reading boring content online. If you want to engage consumers with your brand, use interactive content to grab eyeballs. For example, if you have a website on budgeting and you like to explain how to stop wasting money and control spending, you can add a budgeting application to your website. You are not only providing valuable content to your audience but also helping them to know more about budgeting with the tool.

Interactive content examples:

  • Games
  • Assessments
  • Contests
  • Quiz
  • Videos
  • Giveaways
  • Surveys
  • Open-ended questions
  • Widgets
  • Polls

Contests help to increase your reach, grab eyeballs, and attract new customers. You can launch a Facebook contest to lure new customers fast without spending a fortune. Give bonus points to your current customers for referring the contest to others. This will be another way to promote your business in the digital world.

Interactive content helps consumers build personal connections with your brand. When consumers give answers to contests or surveys, and you hear their opinion, they feel connected to you. Plus, you can collect data from the survey results and use it to improve your product or service. 


3. Use chatbots

Chatbots have become an integral part of digital marketing, and it will rule in 2021 too. Chatbots help consumers to get instant feedback to their queries in real-time 24/7. Several consumers prefer to communicate through an online chatbot rather than a business due to several reasons:

  • They can interact 24*7.
  • They receive prompt answers.
  • They can check the entire purchase history.
  • They love the fact that chatbots never lose patience.

Chatbots help the virtual assistants of your company to focus on pilot projects instead of doing repetitive tasks. Several companies have already started using chatbot technology. If you have not yet used it, then implement the chatbot technology in 2021. It will help to save your time and money. 

4. Implement voice search

Voice search is not yet an integral part of Google's algorithm. However, it is influencing search results. That is because voice search queries give different results than a text-based search. From an SEO perspective, it makes sense to incorporate voice search components into your website to cater to customers who use that medium.

Optimize your content for voice-based search results. Use direct and conversational language to sync voice search queries. This may help to make your website visible to consumers when making voice queries.

5. Use customer segmentation

This is a new digital marketing strategy where you create a large number of campaigns focusing on specific audiences. What does customer segmentation mean? It implies that you group your audience based on their behaviors, demographics, and shopping habits.

One benefit of customer segmentation is that you can create your own email campaigns or content based on the preferences of a specific audience. For example, you can create two email lists. Dedicate the first email list for the small spenders and the second one for the big spenders. So, when you send newsletters every week or month, highlight expensive products to the big spenders and budget-friendly products to the small spenders.

The customer segmentation strategy works because consumers get content handpicked for them.

Small spenders may like budget-friendly products and buy them. You can apply the same strategy for specialized ads and social media content.

6. Use video marketing

It is one of the most popular digital marketing strategies to promote your products and services to customers. Video marketing helps to improve conversion rates, attract new customers, and increase visibility.

Usually, people think about YouTube when it comes to video marketing. But YouTube is not the only platform where you can use the video marketing strategy. You can post live videos on Facebook or Instagram to boost consumer engagement.

Consumers have now shifted to smartphones. It is difficult for them to read emails or boring sales pages. Videos help you to promote your product smartly. Plus, it is easy for consumers to watch videos on smartphones.

If your website has a video, it is more likely to drive organic search results than the text. Consumers like video content more than text. Perhaps that is why Google gives higher rankings to websites that include videos.

There are various advantages of video marketing. One advantage is that you can use the same content in several ways.

You can upload a video on YouTube along with the transcription.

You can upload the same video on Facebook with the transcription as subtitles. It helps to boost consumer engagement. You can also post transcription on your blog along with the embedded YouTube video for higher rankings. That is not all. You can use the audio part of the video to make a podcast. Read more: 5 Podcasting Tips for Businesses

Final note

If you want your business to flourish in 2021, use these six digital marketing strategies to generate more leads, drive traffic to your business, and boost revenue.

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