How an E-Commerce Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Small Business

Published on 7 November 2022 at 09:09

E-commerce businesses are small businesses that operate solely online, usually through a shopping platform such as Shopify, Wix eCommerce, and Square. Operating an e-commerce store can be a lot of work, not counting managing the other aspects of your business, such as marketing, social media, blogging, and customer correspondence. Luckily, e-commerce virtual assistants can step in and cover any tasks slowing you down. 

Setting up an e-commerce website

Here are a few ways an e-commerce virtual assistant can help your small business:


Storefront management and design

The overall design of your store should be appealing to your customers and organized for easy navigation. You want your photographs to look professional and have all product information available to the customer right there in the description. An e-commerce virtual assistant will have plenty of experience with these necessities and will be able to keep your store fresh, appealing, and detailed.

Photographing and product displays

A virtual assistant with e-commerce experience will know exactly what needs to be done in order to get the best quality product display photos. Your e-commerce virtual assistant may suggest hiring a professional photographer, or they may recommend purchasing a light box, grabbing a couple of props, and creating your own product display masterpieces. It really is a lot easier than it sounds. With today's technology and the advances in photography, an e-commerce virtual assistant can create perfect product photos with just their iPhone and a little creativity.

Detailed product descriptions

There is nothing more frustrating than vague product descriptions. Descriptive product copy will help search engines find your products and suggest them to the right customers. Secondly, accurate and detailed product descriptions allow customers to make informed and confident choices about what they are buying and reduce the degree of dissatisfaction of your customers.

Product sourcing research

When looking for new products to feature in your store that align with your customer's persona and brand strategy, time can get away from you. Your e-commerce virtual assistant can take over these tasks for you, locating relevant products within a specific price range and supported by a satisfactory shipping method and cost. They can also help search for add-ons to put in your packages and shipments. These add a small token of your appreciation and provide even more value to your customers.

Inventory management

An e-commerce virtual assistant will be organized and proactively keep records of your product and material inventories. When items start to get low, they can reorder and restock or update the listing to reflect the limited number of items left available to customers. Once all items are gone, they can set the product listing to "be back soon" so your customers know that you are still offering the product and to check back later.

Customer correspondence

Customers are sure to have questions even with the most descriptive product information. That's okay, though, because your e-commerce virtual assistant should be experienced in providing information and answers to any questions your customers may ask. In addition, they can fit their responses to match your brand's voice.


Packaging, shipping, and extras

When running an e-commerce store, it's important to stand out against your competitors. One way to do this is by creating appealing and purposeful packaging that tells your customer right away that you value their business and that you are proud of your products. Your e-commerce virtual assistant can package your goods in your brand's style and send your packages out quickly to please your customers.


Analytics and report-running

Experienced e-commerce virtual assistants can analyze data around sales as well as what products your customers are favoriting. This can be helpful in deciding other products to offer as well as determining the best content to satisfy your customer's needs and intent.



If you plan to grow your business, you might need some extra help. There are e-commerce VAs out there with the skills and experience to help you get it done. Determine what your needs are and look for an assistant that suits you and your business.

written by Anne Albright

Photo by Roberto Cortese on Unsplash

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