The Importance of Using Videos to Promote Your Business

Published on 17 March 2021 at 07:56

Videos have more power to capture the attention of prospects and customers than words alone. Many visitors prefer to spend three minutes of their time watching a video than to spend 20 minutes reading a text. This means video marketing can be an effective way to promote a business.

Videos are very adaptable and can be customized to suit various products and services. Statistics show that more than 80% of marketing executives use videos in their marketing campaigns. Also, through videos, you can communicate your point effectively to your target audience. In this post, we look at why using videos to promote your business is the way to go.

You can reach out to many people in a short time.

It is unusual to gain maximum exposure within a short period, especially when using other SEO techniques. However, video marketing is a game-changer. If your video goes viral, you can get thousands of viewers in a relatively short time, which is vital for your business. This is something you usually cannot achieve through other marketing methods.

Videos can increase customer retention on your website.

By using audio and visuals, you can retain a prospect for longer than using plain text alone. Your visitors will be more likely to recall what they watched on your website than what they read. Videos are also powerful, especially when you're showcasing or explaining how your products or services work.

They are easy to share and distribute.

Video can be shared quickly on various platforms such as social media. It not only means you can win the trust of the audience but also enjoy maximum exposure. Videos work around the clock giving you increased visibility.

Videos can bring customer testimonials to reality.

When you display customer testimonials in the form of videos, you increase your potential customers' trust and boost your brand's credibility. Live customer testimonials can persuade others to buy from you more than you can on your own or through written words.

It’s easy to inject personality into your messages.

By incorporating personality into the messages you create, you can connect with your viewers and connect with prospective customers emotionally. They can capture action and give your audience a more 3D view of your message. This is something you cannot with plain text. However, this means you should work with an experienced video creator, producer, and editor.

It's cost-effective.

Videos are affordable and can help you get maximum ROI. A majority (86%) of businesses use video as a marketing tool and marketers (92%) continue to value video as an “important part” of their marketing strategy (Wyzowl Video Marketing Statistics). Videos can be even more attractive if you work with an experienced video creator, producer, and editor. The cost of producing videos shouldn't deter you.

Videos give you an SEO boost.

The more quality video content you create, the more traffic you can draw to your pages. The more time visitors spend on your site watching videos, the better your chances are of boosting your overall SEO and ranking higher in the search results. When you embed video content on your website, you enhance the quality of your SEO content.


Videos are very cost-effective when it comes to promoting your business and are compelling when marketing your products or services. They can capture viewers' attention, convince them to take action, improve your online exposure, and enable you to reach out to many prospects in a short time.

written by Anne Albright

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