4 Steps to Allowing Pets in the Workplace

Published on 8 July 2022 at 09:09

Maybe you’ve contemplated allowing your employees or customers to bring their pets to your business. Creating a pet-friendly workplace poses some challenges, but it can also be very rewarding for your staff and your clientele! If you’re worried about dealing with additional administrative challenges while taking on this initiative, you can turn to Albright Administration for support! 

Here’s why it’s worth allowing pets at your business, how you can get your team on board with this policy, and what you’ll need to do to establish a safe environment.

The Benefits of Pets in the Workplace

Why go the extra mile to allow pets in your business? As it turns out, a pet-friendly policy can bring some perks for your company! Nationwide states that pet-friendly companies actually have an easier time recruiting and retaining employees. Plus, you’ll be able to draw in customers who would have otherwise needed to get a pet sitter or leave their pet alone in order to patronize your business. 

Gain Employee Buy-In

Before introducing a new policy like this, you’ll need to gain employee buy-in. It’s important to check in with your employees to see how they feel about pets in the workplace, as they may have valid concerns, like allergies to pet dander. Take some time to meet with your employees and get their opinions on opening the workplace up to pets. You will want to make sure that everyone on your team shares a positive opinion of this policy, and take their concerns into account if they have any. 

Set Behavioral Rules

Of course, letting people bring their pets into your business does not mean that their four-legged friends will be able to run around freely at all times. You’ll need to set some solid ground rules in order to make this policy work. For example, you will have to designate which spaces pets are allowed in, and which spaces they can’t enter. Bean Kinney & Korman also states that you should require employees to prove that their pets are up to date on all vaccinations, stay in complete control of their pets at all times, provide proof of comprehensive liability insurance covering any possible injuries, and prove that they can transport their pet home in the event that their pet should become disruptive.

You can also make it clear that pets who are not housebroken or are excessively noisy are not allowed at your business. Finally, if you are renting your business’s space, you will have to double-check your lease to see if there are any terms around allowing pets. 

Pet-Proof Your Business

If you’ve officially made the decision to turn your business into a pet-friendly space, you need to ensure that it is safe for animals. While you might be excited to start welcoming pets right away, you have to take steps to pet-proof your business first. Dogtime states that you should keep pens, highlighters, and other small office supplies securely stored, make sure that any snacks or drinks people bring to work are kept away from pets, and have plenty of cleaning supplies on hand in case someone’s pet makes a mess.

You may also need to purchase new trash cans for your business. A pet can easily get into a typical small trash can, so invest in dog-proof trash cans instead! You will want to choose trash cans with stationary, locking lids, and hands-free openings. Ensure that the trash cans are sturdy and stable so that pets can’t tip them over in search of food.

Final Thoughts

To many people, pets are practically family members. Allowing your employees and your customers to have their pets accompany them at your business is a gift! With these tips, you’ll be able to implement this new policy in a way that ensures everyone’s safety and happiness.

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